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                                             News Letter 2019!
Dear Parent's:  Thank you for being my client during 2019. I really do appreciate it.  If there is anything that I can do for your family please let me know during drop off/pick up of your child are call me at (773) 374-9378, email: or visit my web site at: and complete the form "contact us".
School Preparation.   I am licensed for home childcare but not as a preschool or head start program.  My goal is to keep your child safe, provide them with nutritious meals, reinforce your home teachings of basic manners of listening, saying please and thank you, covering of mouth when coughing and sneezing.  

I am also working with you to prepare your child for school after my program by introducing them to school daily with: ABC's, colors, shapes, and numbers also reading through story time.  

School Age Children. My center is a safe environment for your child before and after school. I provide your child with nutritious snacks and meals.

Homework. I provide your child with a well lighted, semi quiet place to complete their homework. Your child is responsible for completing their homework and putting it back in their backpack.  I will answer basic questions; pronunciation of words, and reading of instructions.

Work Hours.  I love my job of providing childcare to children. I provide individual hours to each of my clients. I need to know what time I start work for you and what time I will be getting off.  For example, if you schedule drop off for 5:00 a.m. and you change your time you need to call and change your time with me. Please call (773) 374-9378.

Authorized Pick-ups.   Please include all people allowed to pick up your child on form "Consent to Day Care Providers". Have the person bring proper identification i.e. State identification or driver's license.

Cell Phone Usage. I know that we live in the age where everyone has to be connected each second of the day. All I ask is that during drop off/pick up at the center's door:  Please complete your call before you ring the doorbell. 

I really want to provide quality care to your child. During drop off I need for you to tell me when the last time your child had something to eat and when the last time your child's diaper was changed.  I assume you would want to have this same information during pick up time.  This information will help me and you care for your child.
New Year's Eve Overnight Childcare.  As a way of saying "Thank You" for being my client during 2019, I will provide FREE overnight childcare to your child on New Year's Eve.  You may drop off your child at your regularly scheduled time on Tuesday, December 31, 2019.  Pickup for all children's will be no later than 12:00 p.m. Wednesday, January 1, 2020 New Year's day (Closed). Please bring your child's overnight bag.
Income Taxes.  If your tax preparer need information (in writing) from me other than what I can provide during a quick phone call let me know at least (1) business day before you need it.
Childcare Initiative Paperwork.  When Childcare Initiative request information from you please complete the request and return it to the agency as soon as possible because the agency will not pay me for providing care to your child until the paperwork is completed and returned.
Health Form.  State of Illinois Department of Human Services Certificate of Child Health Examination Form must be completed by your child's health care provider. This is a mandatory form that each child must have on file in order to attend any licensed child care facility and to attend any Chicago Public School in Illinois. You can use the form from your last visit or the health provider will provide you with a new form or I can.  Each time you child receive shots this form must be updated.
Illinois Forms.  All Illinois State Forms i.e. health form can be downloaded to print or to save on your computer's desk top at
Schedule (Changes).  Please provide me with your current schedule for drop off/pick-up of your child. This can be done several ways:  Calling me at (773) 374-9378, texting at (312) 953-9472, giving me a weekly note stating the drop off and pickup time or printing out a current copy of your schedule.  Also if you are going to be late dropping off/picking up your child please call me or text.
Winter (Outer Wear).  During the cool/cold winter months your child will be wearing outer wear. It is very important to keep me updated on your scheduled drop off/picking up of your child.  I will put on your child's outer wear (15 minutes) before you are scheduled to arrive.  After (15 minutes) and you have not arrived I will remove all of your child's outer wear because my center is heated and it will be too uncomfortable for your child to remain in their outer wear so please call me at (773) 374-9378 if you are not going to pick up your child at the time you selected.  
Thank you,
Joyce Carson
Childcare Provider
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